Mexico’s Most Enticing Getaway: San Miguel de Allende

Long a magnet for intrepid expats and creatives, this colorful colonial enclave attracts an ever-growing wave of visitors with its formidable art scene, singular architecture, and inimitable atmosphere. A pivotal player in the early days of the Mexican War for … read more

What to Do in San Miguel de Allende

People come for the culture, the climate and the countless expressions of creativity in this 500-year-old storybook city that really hasn’t changed much in hundreds of years. It is safe and welcoming, and its festive, south-of-the border ambiance of laid-back … read more

Weddings in San Miguel de Allende

Beautiful settings make for beautiful weddings and historic, romantic San Miguel de Allende dazzles every season with its Spanish Colonial splendor, cobblestoned streets, perfect weather, rich cultural life and blossoming culinary scene.  Located about three hours north of Mexico City, … read more

The Best Shopping in San Miguel de Allende

It’s a picture-perfect colonial town with narrow cobblestone streets and tall spice-colored walls with carved wooden doors that open to reveal hidden courtyards and gardens inside. Historic churches and centuries-old buildings here have seen the passing of time for generations, … read more

The Best Restaurants in San Miguel de Allende

Picture an Italian hilltown — but with Mexican sizzle — so more colorful, more laid back, and with tequila and mezcal instead of wine and prosecco, and tamales and tostadas instead of pizza and pasta.  That’s romantic, cobblestoned San Miguel … read more

The Art Scene in San Miguel de Allende

For a city that’s hardly changed in hundreds of years, San Miguel de Allende certainly has a modern approach to art.  This colonial jewel of a town that welcomes a strong and constantly evolving community of creative types has become … read more

Festivals and Events in San Miguel de Allende

If there ever was a festival-embracing, party-loving town that celebrates with especially enthusiastic fanfare, San Miguel is the place.  Some festivals are deeply religious, others are wildly patriotic, while a few are fantastical and mildy insane – and most involve … read more